About Us

Powerhour Solar specialise in the design and installation of solar related solutions for clients. We design off-grid and grid-tie installations for residential and commercial clients. A typical solar application consists of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, a battery bank and an inverter.  Powerhour utilise the latest technology such as  lithium battery solutions and we constantly monitor the performance of a clients’ system via an internet connection and through a pro-active approach recommend any changes or improvements for optimum solar production.

We also supply and install solar surface and submersible pumps. These pump are totally off-grid and usually runs from a set of solar panels that produce the power to a remote borehole or dam. We can also supply a GSM unit for remote monitoring of the pump or for switching on or off from a smart phone.

Geyser options that we caters for varies from dual AC-DC geyser, evacuated tube geysers and flat plate geysers.