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The authorities have now realised

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The authorities have now realised the importance of regulating the quality and safety of installations due to the high volumes of households installing solar. It has become very crucial to make sure that your system is compliant with all the latest requirements and regulations. The authorities regularly review the regulations and although you received a compliance certificate a few years ago, it could be that your system doesn’t necessarily meet the latest regulations and safety requirements anymore. This has implications when you want to include your solar investment in your homeowner insurance. Non-compliance with the regulations may result in the rejection of a possible claim in the event of fire or other damage.

Furthermore, many people are not aware that local authorities now expect consumers to register all solar systems with them. This is the so-called SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation) registration process. Most local governments on the Garden Route have already issued a D-date when homeowners must comply with the regulations, otherwise, you run the risk of a possible fine as well as having your electrical connection disconnected from the city council. So it has far-reaching implications if you ignore it.

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It is a technical and time-consuming procedure

Among other things, a schematic diagram of your system and how it is connected to your distribution board, as well as an NRS certification of equipment and the Electrical Certificate of Compliance must be submitted. The city councils have also issued a list of approved inverters who meet their requirements and if your inverter is not on the list, you may run the risk of your application being rejected.

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