Sungrow Solar Off-grid Inverter 6kW (SH6.0RS) with Sungrow Lithium Battery (SBR096)

Modular design
No cable connections between batteries
Plug & Play

High Performance
– Up to 30A continuous charging and discharging current with high efficiency
– Up to 100% usable energy

– Lithium iron phosphate Battery
– Multi-stages protection design and extensive safety certification




Download Inverter Datasheet 

Download Battery Datasheet


  • Max. AC output power -6000VA
  • Max. AC output current -27.3A
  • Nominal AC voltage -220V/230V/240V
  • AC voltage range -154V–276V
  • Nominal grid frequency -50Hz/60Hz
  • Grid frequency range -45Hz–55Hz/55Hz–65Hz
  • Harmonic(THD) -<3%(of rated power)
  • Power factor at nominal power/Adjustable power factor ->0.99 at default value at nominal power(adj.0.8 overexcited/leading–0.8 under excited/lagging)
  • Feed-in phases/connection phases -1/1


  • 3 X3.2kWh Modular Batteries
  • Stored energy– 9.6KWH
  • Nominal voltage– 192V
  • Rated DC power– 5.76KW
  • Operating voltage– 150V -219V
  • Dimensions– (W) 625MM X (H) 545MM X (D) 330MM
  • Weight– 114KG


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