Freedom Won eTower 5.12 kWh Lithium Battery(e tower e5000)


Modular LiFePO4 energy storage from your trusted high performance battery partner.

The Freedom Won eTower modular stackable battery is designed for smaller 52V solar integrated and backup applications.




Battery Datasheet

  • Total Energy Capacity [kWh] -5.12
  • Energy, 80% DoD [kWh] -4.096
  • Energy, 90% DoD [kWh] -4,5
  • Current Capacity [Ah] -100
  • Max / Cont. Charge Current [A] -80/70
  • Max / Cont. Charge Power [kW] -4,2/3,6
  • Max/Cont. Discharge Current [A] -100/9
  • Max/Cont. Discharge Power [kW] 2 -5,2/4,7
  • Max Recommended Inverter Total Rated Power (cont.) [kVA] -5kVA.


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