Kodak Off-Grid Inverter 48V 5kW (OG-Plus 5.48)

Kodak Off-Grid Inverter 48V 5kW with 80A MPPT.

Max Solar Panel PV Array of 4000W.

Built in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring.

  • Parallel Capability
  • Zero Transfer Time
  • Compatible to Generator
  • Detachable LCD Module
  • USB On-The-Go
  • BMS Communication
  • IP2





  • Voltage -230VAC
  • Voltage Range -110-280 VAC
  • Frequency Range –50Hz/60Hz +-4Hz
  • Max IC -0A
  • Max Isc -60A


  • AC Voltage Regulation -230VAC +-5%
  • Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) -46-54 Hz or 46-64 Hz
  • Frequency range (Battery Mode) -50Hz (+-0.1Hz) or 60Hz (+-0.1Hz)
  • Surge Power -10 000VA (For 5sec)
  • Overload Capability -110-150% at 10sec
  • AC mode to Battery mode -0ms
  • Inverter mode to Bypass mode -4ms +-
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Max Charger Rate -5 minutes


  • Line Mode -48VDC
  • ECO Mode -54VDC
  • Battery Mode -63VDC


  • Battery Voltage -40-64VDC
  • Floating Charge Voltage -54VDC
  • Overcharge Protection -66VDC

Solar and AC Charger

  • Solar Charger Type -MPPT
  • Max PV Array Power -4000W
  • Operating MPPT Voltage -60-115VDC
  • Max PV Array VOC -145VDC
  • MPPT Max Input Current -60A
  • Max Solar Charge Current -80A
  • Max AC Charge Current -60A




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