What you need to know about inverters!

What is a Hybrid Inverter? it is an intelligent inverter which is a hybrid between the traditional on-grid inverter and off-grid inverters. The hybrid inverter synchronizes with your mains utility power as well as the solar power available in your battery bank.

The solar hybrid inverter will prioritize the input and will give preference to solar power, and then if the demand exceeds the solar power it will supplement it with Eskom power. If the solar power exceeds the power utilised during the day, the excess power will be channeled to the batteries. If the batteries are fully charged the excess power will be stored for usage during the night and if your Eskom connection is off, the inverter will rely solely on battery power. You could be independent from the grid if your usage does not exceed the stored capacity of your battery.

With a grid-tie installation there is no battery bank and your solar panels will generate electricity that will firstly be utilised by your electrical appliances, and the surplus power will be pushed back into the grid. When insufficient electricity is available, the inverter drawn from the mains grid to make up the shortfall. Conversely when excess electricity is available, it is sent to the mains grid. With a grid-tie installation you are still dependent on a reliable grid, and when the grid is off, your grid-tie inverter is also off.

The biggest advantage of a grid-tie connection is that you save on a battery bank which is a significant investment. The other side is of the coin is that when the grid is down or if you experience load shedding then your system is also down.