Uninterruptable Power Supply or UPS for Load shedding

South-Africans are very familiar with the term load shedding and for the last decade we experience it every few weeks when the demand for electricity exceeds the supply from Eskom.  That have a very negative effect on businesses, and it poses a serious security risk and discomfort to families especially when it happens during night time. Many sick people are dependent on it and needs a constant connection to the grid for medical support equipment.

Some international and corporate companies also expects their staff to works online from home and to be connected to a uninterrupted wi-fi connection. Load shedding have serious effect on the productivity of these people.

A UPS basically consists of a inverter charger with a battery bank. That could take the simple form of a basic plug-and-play model where the batteries and inverter are installed in a mobile trolley. Powerhour stock many plug-and-play options which is suitable for a small office setup or to be used in a residence for a tv, wi-fi router and a led lamp.

The more advanced option is where we connect the inverter to certain circuits of your Distribution Board so that it converts battery power to 220v and feed it into your DB board when Eskom fails. When we do it you can switch on your led lights on its’ normal light switch and although it is more costly, it is very convenient. This could also forms the basis of a future solar system when we add solar panels later on.